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A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. The Chinese brand value evaluation standard has shaken the dominant position of the world assessment standards.



(2019 China Top 100 Brand Value Rankings Announcement Conference and the 3rd China Brand Value Summit Forum by Peking University)

With about three-year study and research preparation, China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com) has abundant experiences in brand value evaluation. In China, we are the first in China discovering the prospect of brand value evaluation. Combining and studying the world-class brand value evaluation system, we invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and integrated convergence efforts of well-known experts and scholars in the industry from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee, National Development and Reform Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, National Bureau of Statistics, People's Bank of China, Beijing Normal University, and Communication University of China, etc. With continuous practical evaluation, ranking and application, integration and testing, not only it combines international systems but also integrates the practical development situation of China economy. It established its authority by using the 40-year reform and development as the standard, which made it top-notch both from practicability and application impact in China.


(Brand Influence)

As a quantitative indicator that directly reflects the level of comprehensive strength and competitiveness, brand value embodies the development level and profitability. By analyzing the evaluation result of brand value and present condition of brand building, advices for brand future development are proposed as: strictly define production scope; guarantee brand equity; focus on brand spreading; maintain brand reputation; abide industry standard; establish the grand brand business; hold the industry opportunity; elevate national brands.


Current status of international brand value evaluation

At present, there are only a few institutions that carry out brand value evaluation in the world, but they have formed a situation dominated by relative authority. Interbrand, an international brand group, has established a brand evaluation standard for brand evaluation. It mainly selects the “Top 100 Best Brands in the World” and publishes “China Top 50 Brands” in China. When selecting the top brands, Interbrand has the following criteria: brand value must reach $1 billion; one-third of sales revenue must be realized in overseas markets; marketing and financial data must be public. Chinese companies are generally growing enterprises with low sales in overseas markets, so it is difficult for them to enter the “Top 100 Best Brands in the World”. The evaluation method it used is Interbrand's evaluation model, which is a “finance + market” evaluation method. The core indicator of the model is the future income of the brand.


The authoritative embodiment of the Chinese brand value network(www.bvrcn.com):

1. Quantitative and mixed evaluation method are adopted. The design of the indicating system complies with the definition of brand value in the academic circles. Large amount of data is collected from a great number of brands in the industry and then compared both horizontally and longitudinally. The rankings are generated by processing the data collected using a unique evaluation method.

2. The evaluation indicators are detailed and inclusive. 

The following information needs to be provided for comprehensive and systematic evaluation before the final evaluation result is generated: brand origin; brand establishment time; brand core competitiveness; international sales scope; sales in China; honorary awards; business license; company profile; patents; non-patent technology; intellectual property documents; trademarks documents such as registration certificate, registration documents; documents about brand building, marketing, production and operation, research and development, industry situation, financial overview, social responsibility fulfillment, corporate (corporate leader) image publicity materials.

3. Professional evaluators, experts and scholars conduct in-depth analysis of the brand to build the authoritative foundation for the conclusion of the brand evaluation results.

4. Drawing lessons from and combining with China's national conditions and economic development, it plays an essential role in promoting the development of China’s local brands.


The significance of brand value evaluation of China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com).

It effectively guides enterprises to carry out the capitalization of trademarks and brands, and strengthens the evaluation management of trademark and brand assets in activities such as mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer, and oversea investment. It enhanced brand reputation protection, completed the evaluation regulations of trademark equity, and effectively promoted the implementation and protection of trademark equity. In the meanwhile, it helps with the establishment of brand evaluation indicators and models, promotes the research and implementation of brand elevation engineering, supports coordination and cooperation of international standard, accelerates the research, discovering and assessment of regional brands, geographic symbolic brands and China Time-honored Brands, and plays an important technical supporting role.


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