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Daguan accompanies you home: China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com)’s view on Brand Protection


China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com) pays attention to brand strategy research, brand valuation, brand value promotion and dissemination, and we are focusing on quality and professional brands.

Brand Protection is a column of China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com).

Brand Protection are measures of the protection of brands and owners of legitimate brands to prevent actions of violations and infringement from all aspects.

Components: Brand protection comprises three parts which are brand management protection, brand legal protection and brand social protection.


The Meaning of Brand Protection

As an important asset of a company, its brand competitiveness and brand value are hard to come by.However, the market is not static, and companies need to constantly maintain their brands.

1. Brand protection helps to consolidate the brand's market position

The decline of brand popularity and reputation and the decrease in sales and market share of a company’s brand in the market competition are identified as brand aging.There is a possibility of brand aging for any brand, especially in today's market where competition is so fierce.Therefore, continuous maintenance of the brand is an important means to avoid brand aging.

2. Brand protection helps maintain and enhance brand vitality

The vitality of a brand depends on the needs of the consumer.If the brand can meet the changing needs of consumers, then the brand will have a strong vitality in the competitive market.On the contrary, brand aging may occur.Therefore, it is necessary to continuously maintain the brand to meet the needs of the market and consumers.

3. Brand protection helps prevent and resolve the crisis

The market is in a changing environment, and consumers' awareness of rights protection is constantly increasing. The brand faces threats from all sides.Once a company does not anticipate the advent of a crisis or has no strategy to deal with it, brands face great danger.

Brand maintenance requires the quality of branded products or services to be continuously improved. It can effectively prevent the brand crisis caused by internal reasons. At the same time, it strengthens the core value of the brand, carries out rational brand extension and expansion, which is conducive to reducing the risk after the crisis.

4. Brand protection is good for resisting competitive brands

In a competitive market, the market performance of competitive brands will directly affect the value of corporate brands.Constantly maintaining the brand enables it to remain competitive in a competitive market.At the same time, it will also play a role in holding back the counterfeit brands.


How to Walk on the Road of Brand Protection

The brand management protection refers to a series of activities taken by the business operators in the specific marketing activities to maintain the brand image and hold its market position.For different brands, their internal and external environment are different, and the protection activities taken by the operators are also different. However, several points must be laid as foundation regardless of what business activities taken to protect the brand: Market-centered, complete satisfaction of customer’s demand, maintaining of high-quality brand image, strict management to forge strong brands, implementation of differentiation strategy, brand repositioning, continuous innovation, forging enterprise vitality, be aggressive using brand extension strategy and defend the brand position.


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