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Daguan accompanies you home: China Brand Value Network(www.bvrcn.com)’s view on Brand Service


Brand service refers refers to a special brand form by which the company satisfy the psychological needs of consumers with the process of providing its commodities or services during economic activities, providing a full range of services for enterprise brands.


Brand service is composed of four different but interrelated stages, which include discovery, creation, management and execution. In these four stages, the market opportunity will be rigorously reviewed and creatively implemented.  This is a closed loop without certain start or definiete end. Depending on the different business needs, each brand starts from different point of the model. But one thing is constant, that is, once in progress, the model will form a synergy through a series of integrated work. It will become the inexhaustible source of energy and competition advantage for each brand.


The embodiment of brand service in the content of brand value service include product, service quality(level of quality management, quality credit, service level, quality level), brand construction(brand culture, brand position, brand investment, brand management mechanism, market impact) and innovation capability(innovation management, innovation effectiveness, innovation investment, characteristic guarantee) three sectors, which enriched the manifestations of brand service.


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