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Daguan accompanies you home: China Brand Value Network’s view (www.bvrcn.com) on Special Report


Special report refers to the documentary report on significant historical incident, important event and influential newsmakers, which is unique on news value and brand value.


The presentation of the special report to the readers may be certain news event, the happening of the development of a company’s brand or a person’s behaviour, the reason of its happening, detailed procedure and important details, figure performance, the intrinsic link between the relevant events and the meaning and impact, etc, which fully satisfies the public on their desire of understanding the truth of the news and brand development.


It is reflected in three sectors, such as the brand leadership (industry environment, industry position, brand leaders), ability to innovate (innovation management, innovation effectiveness, management innovation, innovation investment and characteristics guarantee) and brand building (brand positioning and market impact), which enriched the leadership interview.

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