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Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic


Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (BJAPEC) is committed to promoting the development of the Asia-Pacific Area in economy, society, culture, science & technology, and trade. It is a nonprofit social organization jointly sponsored by all parts of society, enterprises, institutions and organizations, approved and registered by Beijing municipal civil affairs bureau on February 1st, 1996.

Guided by the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, , taking “Focusing on the Asia and embrace the world; servicing members and integrate resources; always be a pioneer and developer.” as the mission, BJAPEC makes efforts to build a platform for members to exchange information, share resource and complement with each other’s advantages; helps members to better understand policies, submit their demands and opinions, coordinate the issues what they need, and protect their legal rights and interests; guides members to observe laws and regulations, operate business with honesty and credibility, to fulfill the social responsibilities. 

BJAPEC actively participate in economic cooperation to make great contribution to the economic development of Asia-Pacific area and a peaceful world.

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