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“(大观·可惟为)第6届中国品牌价值百强榜 ”暨“首届世界品牌价值900强榜”即将发布 “ The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” Will Be Released Soon

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Rise up brand value of Chinese enterprises in world rankings. Practice the Chinese standards of international brand value communications.


Based on the collection of financial data and brand information in the first four years before 2019, “The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but had to be postponed due to the unprecedented international epidemic. It has to be said that 2020 had become a test for people throughout the whole world. The traditional internalization in economics has been disruptively challenged. In today's world of advanced information, the leaderships along with the ability of contingency management and the ability of traditional medical health care of various different countries has been tested by their people.


International competition and active cooperation have allowed us to see new hope. Medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has been updated and developed in a rapid response. Security inspection and prevention facilities have been effectively improved, and the traditional international economy is facing new adjustments. The current world economic structure has opened a new page for us.


As “The 6th (Daguan·Keweiwei)China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” are about to be released, we sincerely invite you,my friends,to go through the wonderful journey of development story of these powerful enterprises with us so as to remind us of grasping opportunities with positive attitude and striving to keep up with the progress of the times. (Song Jinhong)




写在“(大观·可惟为)第6届中国品牌价值百强榜”暨首届世界品牌价值900强榜”即将发布之际   | 晏智杰  

The Message of Hope to "The 6th (Daguan·Keweiwei) Chinese Brand Value Top 100 List" and "The First World Brand Value Top 900 List" Before Final Releasing    | Yan Zhijie   


We could come to the knowledge of current status of brand value rankings worldwide as well as the actual status of brand value from Chinese enterprises according to the lists.


It is worth noting that, the sudden outbreak of corona virus epidemic in 2020 and its subsequent spread throughout the world has made a serious impact on social economy and people’s life all over the world. It is still difficult to make a final conclusion when the epidemic can be basically contained and effectively managed. What to be sure is that the global patterns of development after the epidemic, including the comparison of brand value status among countries (up or down) as well as the status of major areas of economic development and the status of top bar companies, will possibly have an extensive and profound change after the baptism of this epidemic.


Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people have made concerted and painstaking efforts and paid a huge price on and have achieved world-renowned strategic achievements in fighting the epidemic. As a result, we have obtained gratifying achievements in economic recovery and development. China is the only major economy with positive economic development in 2020, and it still ranks second in terms of total GDP in the world. Now, China has entered a new stage of development. With the establishment of a new pattern combining domestic and international circulation, as well as profound changes in the industrial structure and the improvement of corporate supervision, it can be expected that, the brand value ranking of Chinese enterprises will definitely undergo new changes. The world and Chinese brand value rankings released by the "Brand Value (China) Network" will definitely provide people with knowledge and understanding of the current changes in brand value worldwide, and continue to provide data that can be used as references to observe the social and economic status and development trends of China as a major global brand consumer country.


Here might as well make a few comments on the theoretical basis of brand value. The scientific commodity value theory is the basis of the scientific commodity brand value theory, and the latter is the specific application of the former. For more than 40 years, the great practice of reform and opening up with the ultimate goal of establishing a socialist market economy has enabled us to establish a scientific theory of commodity value, that is, the value of multiple factors in the equilibrium of market supply and demand, thus laying a scientific theoretical foundation for deepening reform and opening up. It also provides a scientific theoretical basis for the establishment of scientific brand values and the construction of scientific brand value evaluation.


According to this theory of value, the factors that determine the level of brand value, like the factors that determine the value of the product itself, are the balance and combination of the various factors that constitute the market supply and demand, both of which are indispensable. It is undesirable to blindly increase supply regardless of the limited market demand, so as to cause the consequences of oversupply; Conversely, it is extremely unwise to blindly restrict and compress supply regardless of the prospect of market demand expansion, so that supply exceeds demand. In both cases, they cannot be expected to earn the ideal brand value. What the operator wants to pursue is the balance of supply and demand, and it is a dynamic balance. Successful world-renowned brand operators are all masters who pursue and maintain this dynamic equilibrium in long term. The loss or reconstruction of some original well-known brands is often caused by their mistakes in understanding and handling this equilibrium relationship. This should be an important enlightenment given to us by well-known brands at home and abroad that have maintained and continuously improved their value (such as the loss and reorganization of the brand value of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the United States).