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Brief Introduction of Kotler Marketing Group


Kotler Marketing Group(hereinafter referred to as KMG) is a global consulting and training firm, specializing in sales and marketing. KMG headquarters are located in Washington DC, with branch divisions located 28 countries all over the world such as the UK, Sweden, Canada, Australia, South Korea, France, Bahrain and China. The Kotler Institute and the large customer management and research center are located in Chicago, US. KMG is well known worldwide for adopting a systematic, practical, dependable and flexible approach in terms of marketing/sales training

Our philosophy comes from the father of modern marketing, world's leading strategic marketer, chief consulting officer and founder of our company---Doctor Philip Kotler. Our services cover a range of industries, such as technology/communications, trade associations, financial services, life sciences, petro-chemicals and health care, including others. Some of our clients include Microsoft, Cisco, American Express, Baxter, Shell Chemicals, Siemens and Ford Motor Company, among others. Kotler Marketing Group offers services, such as consulting, Defending Price sales training and business-to-business sales tools.Over the passed 30 years, we provided our services to clients located in all over America, Europe and Asia, including more than 300 Fortune 500 companies, 30 government and international organizations, 100  small and medium-sized enterprises, which covers more than 10 industries. Our elite consulting team has helped our clients create one after another commercial miracles.

KMG has rendered its marketing training and consulting services for many Chinese companies, including IBM(China), Microsoft(China), Hewlett-Packard(China), GM(China), NOKIA(China), FAW-Volkswagen, Coca Cola(China), Pepsi(China), China Resources, TCL Group, SKYWORTH Group, QINGHUA YUANQING, TASLY Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Xinyi Pharmaceutical, Xiansheng Pharmaceutical, Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical, Haiwang Group, CMCC GuangDong, CHINA TELECOM, PAIC, LENOVO Group, Kingdee, United Securities, China Motion Group, Midea Group, Konka Group, Hisense Group, Little Swan, Vanke Group, HUAWEI, ZTE, Kelon Group, SANY etc.

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